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Hey everyone,

It is time to share the latest news about the Sownloader development with all of you. Actually I am working on a brand new feature, which reads all information about a performance. JSONParser (1)

I will implement this feature to improve Sownloader’s ID3Tag support massive. ID3Tag’s are information in every audiofile, which contains data about the performer, the app (in which the performance was created), the year of publishing, and many more data. Actually, Sownloader uses a small part of this technology to set the performance cover to every file. This data will be shown for example if you transer your songs with iTunes to your mobile phone.

Another coming feature is the converting an audiofile feature. At the current version of Sownloader you can choose between the file type mp3, m4a, and .mp4 to save a performance, but I will implement a new page to Sownloader where you can convert the files after you have downloaded it.

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