Sownloader 7 is now available!

Hey everyone,

The first big update of 2017 is now available for Sownloader. This update adds multi-thread support and improves many small details in the software. In addtion to this, I have added many more performances to “MarvinKleinMusic favourites” which can be found in the menu at “Extras”. The biggest new feature in this update is definitely the multi-thread support, it allows Sownloader to use different threads on your computer to handle more tasks at the same time.

Another new feature is the converter which can be found in menu “Extras”. This is just a small tool which allows you to convert media files from your computer to either .mp3 or .m4a.

Converter form.
Sownloader 7 – Converter

The converter supports the following converting methods:

  • .mp4 to .mp3/.m4a
  • .m4a to .mp3
  • More options will be included in future releases
Sownloader 7
Sownloader 7 logo


+ Added new setting to config.ini
+ Added update search to menu
+ Added MarvinKleinMusic favourites to “Extras”
+ Added converter to Sownloader
+ Added social media buttons to about
+ Added shortcuts for Update search, Settings, Help, News, MarvinKleinMusic favourites & Tag Editor
+ Added licenses form
~ Updated copyright information
~ Changed donation currency from Euro(€) to USD($)
# Fixed the skipVersion command in Sownloader main form
# Fixed error while starting Sownloader
# Fixed security issues
# Fixed an issue with the config.ini
# Fixed progressbar in statusstrip

~ Updated favicon icon
# Fixed help section

+ Added new icons to menu
+ Added new logo
+ Added new loading screen
~ Updated fonts for menus and buttons
# Fixed flickering of tab control in settings
# Fixed grammar mistakes in labels and menus
# Fixed position of each form
# Fixed wrong autofocus in main form and settings.
– Removed background gradient in settings

+ Added error reporting for Tag Editor
~ Updated Sownloader.log error reporting

+ Added multi-thread support
# Fixed freeze while converting a song
# Fixed audio quality of converted mp4 files
# Fixed converting crash with files that contains a blank space

+ Added Supdater 1.2 to Sownloader
+ Added button to start Sownloader after updating
~ Updated copyright information/description

[Tag Editor]
# Fixed layout issues in the Tag Editor
# Fixed System.IndexOutOfRangeException in Tag Editor

[MarvinKleinMusic favourites]
+ Added one MarvinKleinMusic favourite video performance (great performance Adrian & Chanticleer!)
+ Added three Magic Piano songs to MarvinKleinMusic favourites

Added MarvinKleinMusic favourites:






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