Sownloader 7.1 is now available!

Hey everyone,

Sownloader 7.1 is now available for everyone. This is another major update for Sownloader 7 which has been released just a month ago. It brings back another Sownloader feature from the past, ID3Tag customization. We removed this feature earlier because of regular changes on the Smule website.  This version of Sownloader makes it even easier to customize all your media files, it adds another form which will pop-up if you are saving a file. Actually we support the following ID3Tags:

  • Title
  • Year
  • Album/App
  • Performer

Keep in mind that each ID3Tag is limited to 32 Chars. In addition, we give you the option to turn off this pop-up and to generate the year automatically. The next big release will contain better support for default ID3Tags and for automatic ID3Tag detection.

Full Changelog:

+ Added ID3Tag form
+ Added new option to turn off the automatically add of the current year
+ Added sownloader certificate
~ Updated User-Agent to Mozilla/5.0
# Fixed wrong save path initialization for new users
# Fixed positioning of forms
# Fixed a grammar mistake in program description

+ Added elapsed time for update search

+ Added background gradient to licenses
~ Groupbox labels to Calibri 9pt, bold
~ Changed button fonts to Calibri 10-12pt
~ Sharper text for menus and buttons
~ Changed all types of fonts to “Calibri”

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