Sownloader 7.2 is now available!

Hey everyone,

another large update is now available for Sownloader. This major update improves many details in the code. Also it includes a new version of Supdater which is now able to get information from the Sownloader website. Moreover, the “MarvinKleinMusic favourite” was improved and we are now able to add new songs to it without any kind of software update. The new section is now hosted on and is also accessable for Sownloader Web now.

Also, we added support for another karaoke app, called Yokee Karaoke. Go ahead and keep all your media files safe.



Full changelog:

+ Added support for Yokee Karaoke
+ Added converting support for Yokee Karaoke
+ Added Taglib# support for Yokee Karaoke
+ Added new “MarvinKleinMusic favourites” section
~ Updated Sownloader width for new MarvinKleinMusic favourites section
# Fixed wrong animation for reload button

+ Added Supdater 1.3 to Sownloader
+ Added Sownloader User-Agent to Supdater
+ Added server connection to for statistic purposes
+ Added version search to Supdater
+ Added control for Sownloader BETA (coming soon!)
~ Server URLs to SSL

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