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Hey everyone,

today I want to share some important information about the Sownloader service with all of you. According to a bug on the official Smule website, Sownloader is no longer able to find any performance URLs. Right now their page is not compatible with any version of the Internet Explorer. All versions of Sownloader – except for the very first one – use the Internet Explorer as browser engine because it was built in Visual Studio (the development environment).

The main problem on Smule’s website is some incompatible JavaScript, which works fine in other browsers, but Internet Explorer cannot handle it.

I spent the last week on working for a patch to fix this issue. In the future Sownloader will no longer use the default Internet Explorer. Instead Sownloader will work with a built in Firefox engine (GeckoFX). This big update will be available within the next week. There are only three major things that are not finished yet.

Furthermore the update takes the Sownloader desktop environment to a whole new level. It will feature a brand new design, tons of bugfixes, and many more improvements. Most important is the switch of the coding language from VB.NET to C#. You will not believe how fast this version is!

Meanwhile you can download all your media with the Sownloader Web service. If you need your performances as mp3, you can convert them afterwards with the built in converter in Sownloader. You can find the converter in Sownloader right here: Menu->Extras->Converter.








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