Introducing Sownloader Web 3.0

Hey everyone,

today I want to introduce the new Sownloader Web version 3.0.

Sownloader Web has been introduced back on the 16th October 2015. Since then many things have been changed within the last three years. There were many changes to the Smule website which needed to become adapted in all Sownloader services. With Sownloader 8 we successfully adapted those changes for all Windows users but we have not taken care of the Web version yet – until now!

I am pleased to announce that Sownloader Web has been updated to the latest URL detection algorithms from Sownloader 8.

What does this mean to Sownloader?

With the updated algorithms we can react to changes on the official Smule Website much faster. The old algorithms have used something called regular expressions to detect any detail we need from the Smule website. Those were specific to the audio url, video url, title, cover art and message from the performance. If Smule has changed something in their code, we had to update all of those information in order to keep our service running.

Now we are using regular expressions to detect the entire performance data at once. This data is stored as a JSON file which allows us to easily get all information we want.

Keep in mind that Sownloader can only detect the download link if the performance has been heard at least once on either the Smule website or any Smule App.

If you encounter any problems with Sownloader Web, conact us and add the performance URL to the message.









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