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Hey everyone,

today I have some exciting news to share with all of you.

Surely you have already noticed that Smule has deleted many recordings within the last days due to copyright violations. Most probably many of you will now save their songs with Sownloader. Depending on how long you have been a part of the Smule community, you may have collected several 100 recordings.

If you want to download them with Sownloader, you have to download each of them individually. This will soon be a thing of the past! I am happy to announce that Sownloader will get a new feature which will make it possible to download all recordings from one profile. You can individually select the songs by app and directly download them with Sownloader.

The following videos show a techdemo from the development, how I load the data of 206 songs with Sownloader.

Sownloader Profile Downloader – Tech Demo
Tech Demo 2

By now I can’t say when the feature will be available, but I will keep you informed.

-Marvin Klein






4 responses to “Sownloader Profile Downloader”

  1. Lumi Martin avatar

    Thank you, Marvin! It looks very promising and exciting! I think it is safe to say that most of us on Smule are looking forward to seeing this new feature at work!

  2. laraine murphy-erickson avatar
    laraine murphy-erickson

    very much looking forward to the profilr downloader, your app is my go-to for saving smule recordings

  3. magiclover avatar

    i was super excited. i am a smeep. smule addict. it has saved my life, (& ended some.)
    i have donated to you & spread the word about your site… i SO appreciate what you’re doing in itself, & as someone who understands web dev enough to be impressed and grateful… but i am an apple person. i have an old windows laptop my mom’s 71yr old friend left with me to restore to fresh so she can give it to a friend. i don’t know wtf os it has… point being… SIGH
    like i said, smule has saved and continues to save me…as well as so many others;
    also the loves of my life are not with me anymore… i met them via smule… i wish i realized and started what i only recently started doing which is download &/or screen video grab record allll my stuff as i go… but i’ve got 5.1k recordings & only a couple hundred saves… i can hardly imagine the intensity it must take to get a function or what ever to run code enough to successfullly dl that much stuff at once… but… if possible, i need it. i’m going insane. heartbreak. devastation. a suicide. and
    i’m known notoriously for being non succinct but SIGH again what is my ffing point uhm
    i got the notion cause you disable some features here that i was given the impression would be growing and instead were disabled… i can empathize… but i ask of you… cause you have a “favorites.php” page… and i’d bet some kind of usable code that you could use to implement something to assist me in my goal of perhaps at least DLing MY CURRENT (oops caps haha damn it’s been a while since i’ve typed with two hands on a computer vs tapping on a stupid smart gadget…) favorites page… it is maxed out. has been for a whiiiile… i’ve been a smeep for like 8 years or so but … maxed the fav bookmarks a couple years ago… but then i lost a couple friends to suicide, no beating around the bush… hahhaa (then why the eff is this message soo long already? :p well) … i am trying to move on… or something… and need to… but i really want to DL all the stuff at least just of my favs page which is *merely* 500 ;.. haha 501 according to a web browser… maybe if not DLing everthing, cause i mean, hello… they exist… i could get a scripted something or other so as to archive what’s in my favs now… even as code (dud i could prolly maybe do that… just like save page source but that’s not reliable enough…) what is my point uh,,,mmm..,
    i appreciate and support and high five YO to you for making this
    i dont want to but think i :need: to kinda delete all my favs due to health and sanity issues… i hate how smule is coded. ugh. i appreciate them, too, for can at least sorta comprehend that it’s impressive and rather unconprehensible (fuck spell correction… and excuse my “french” sowwy) that they pull of what smule is and does… but ugh… to go in and individually have to like 4 clicks in load and blah blah in order to “UNfavorite” something… you know the php script you haz for your favs up here? is it runnable like recursively with another user? or did you actually make that list by “hand”?? i’m desperate, obvs… it’s hard. i don’t want to leave my name here cause this is personal though if someone knew me read this they could gather it was me, only prolly if they were shown it is i… heh… you’ll get my email but it is not published… it’s the same i use for paypal. and for my 5mule login… can we talk? i dunno. thanks. you’re rad. i can’t run .exe shyte 🙁

  4. 4K video downloader Pro avatar

    very much looking forward to the profilr downloader

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