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Hi everyone,

Today’s update post goes a bit deeper into the technical direction. A big change for our service is imminent. Since the Sownloader 2014 was released as a webapp, we have constantly added new features to the service. But there was always a problem until now. Due to our server provider we were forced to build the service based on PHP. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I program predominantly in .NET and therefore some functions take much longer than I originally planned.

Thanks to your numerous donations I have rented a new server which allows me to develop in my familiar environment with ASP.NET Core. This server has already been rented for 1 year and Sownloader will move to it as soon as I have converted the current version to ASP.NET.

What are the advantages for you?

First of all, new features can now be programmed much faster. In the first step the following changes to Sownloader are planned:

  1. implementation of a progress indicator for the conversion to MP3
  2. the profile downloader is drastically improved More about this in a later blog post (the changes will blow your mind)
  3. implementation of Sownloader Undelete. This service can restore deleted recordings from Smule after a certain period of time.

More information will follow at the end of November. But I give the programmers among you a final tip.






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