Sownloader 9 is now available!

The long wait is finally over! Sownloader 9 is out now! With this major update, almost every component of Sownloader has been reworked. You will feel noticeable differences in performance, downloads and stability.

The key point of this update is the move to .NET 6, which means we are officially ending support for Windows XP and Vista. Furthermore, we have also replaced the integrated Firefox with the new WebView2 from Microsoft.

In addition, this update fixes the URL search, which has not worked since an update of the Smule website. All versions below version 9 are therefore no longer functional, so every user should install this update.

This are all changes in this release:

  • + Added WebView2 Webbrowser
  • + Added Sownloader URL detection 3.0
  • + FFmpeg is now included directly and does not need to be downloaded manually
  • + Downloading a video as M4A does not longer require the file to be converted
  • + Sownloader will now detect when the performance needs to rendered by Smule first and sends automatically a request to initiate the render progress
  • ~ Converter has been minified. It now requests the output file on click on start converting.
  • ~ Settings are now being stored in appdata within a XML file
  • ~ Updated icons
  • ~ The UpdateSearch has been updated to use HttpClient instead of obsolete HttpWebRequest
  • Fixed Clipboard functionality not working in certain cases
  • Fixed Sownloader was unable to find any performance URLs
  • Removed GeckoFx WebBrowser
  • Removed option “Video Size” from settings
  • Removed ID3Tag window. Sownloader sets the meta tags automatically from now on
  • Removed Mozilla Public License from GeckoFX

Since this is a new major release, you may encounter problems when updating, so we recommend downloading version 9 once manually.

If you encounter problems with the new version, you can either open an issue on Github or send us an email to






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  1. Raoul L. Michaud avatar
    Raoul L. Michaud

    I will like to try this version, hope it works for me . Have a great day . Ray4167

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