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Hello everyone,

In order to continue, to provide and maintain the most up to date products and to cover server fees, I have added a PayPal donation feature to both Sownloader and the web services.
I am proud to say there are currently more than 2,000 users of Sownloader Web services, and the numbers grow everyday!
Please help me keep these services available.
This is how we will spend your donations.

  • Server fees – costs 2-5€ / month
  • Domains ( & — costs ~ 20€ / year
  • SSL certificate – costs 20€ / year
  • Canon EOS 600D – costs 300€ -> For better video quality in our YouTube videos

If you like to donate to support us, you can do it here.






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  1. […] I don’t want to earn money with this project. Sownloader was developed for all users who want to download and save their media for future enjoyment and for those who want to share their memories with family and friends. I’m just a Smule user who wants to bring a better experience for all Smule products. Furthermore, by developing this software I am able to save my memories as well. Sownloader will never be for profit and you will not see any types of advertisements on my website or Sownloader itself. Earlier this year I decided to enable donations for Sownloader to handle the server and domain fees ( […]

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