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Hey everyone,

I recognized that some people are using adfly links to link my software on different platforms. These are mostly marked with a kind of “support” label to support the development of Sownloader. But this is not true. Sownloader does not use any adfly links. I have different reasons why I don’t use the adfly service.

  1. Sownloader is a non-profit software
  2. Advertisements on adfly can contain viruses for your PC or other devices

I don’t want to earn money with this project. Sownloader was developed for all users who want to download and save their media for future enjoyment and for those who want to share their memories with family and friends. I’m just a Smule user who wants to offer a better experience for all Smule products. Furthermore, by developing this software I am able to save my memories as well. Sownloader will never be for profit and you will not see any types of advertisements on my website or Sownloader itself. Earlier this year I decided to enable donations for Sownloader to manage the server and domain fees (

Security to you and to the Sownloader site is of utmost importance. Any advertisements on adfly can contain viruses or trojans which are a risk to you. Please do not click on any of these external links or advertisements.

If you find any adfly links which directs you to Sownloader, please report them to our support email, with the URL, and where you found it.



Update (28.10.2016): 

The first adfly links which redirect the user to the Sownloader services were blocked.






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