Hello everyone,

Last week I already gave you an outlook on upcoming features in 2020. If you haven’t read the blog entry yet, you can catch up on it right here.

Today I uploaded a big update to It contains many improvements and bugfixes. The most important change is the design of Sownloader Web. This has been greatly improved to create a better overview.

Further changes:

  • MP3 Downloads are now available for mobile devices
  • MP4 and M4a downloads are available on mobile devices without any third-party software
  • Added 404 Page
  • Changed the design of the MarvinKleinMusic Favourites page
  • MarvinKleinMusic Favourites can now be sorted by category
  • “About Us” has been revised and is now called “About Me”
  • “Changelog” renamed to “Updates”
  • Sownloader updates are now displayed as timeline
  • Footer now contains two new buttons “Get Help” and “Report Bug
  • Removed Twitter widget from the footer
  • Help has been renamed to FAQ and is now accessibile in the footer
  • Display of the FAQ slightly adapted
  • Fixed an error when capturing a download from Sownloader for Windows
  • Fixed an error in the calculation of the display in the statistics, which caused 0 values to be displayed at the beginning of the month

Since this is a relatively large update, I would ask you to contact me by e-mail in case of problems.



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