Minor improvements

Hey everyone, In today’s blog post I would like to talk about minor improvements of Sownloader Web. SCWID has pointed out to me that Sownloader Web is unable to download your performance, when the performance name contains a # character. This issue has been fixed with todays patch. Moreover, I implemented more security features to […]

Sownloader.com update

Hello everyone, Last week I already gave you an outlook on upcoming features in 2020. If you haven’t read the blog entry yet, you can catch up on it right here. Today I uploaded a big update to Sownloader.com. It contains many improvements and bugfixes. The most important change is the design of Sownloader Web. […]

Current status

Hello everyone, as some of you might have noticed, our website is currently unavailable. In this blog post, I want to give you an update about the current situation and explain why we are offline. On friday, various website owners have contacted our provider to inform them about an ongoing brute-force attack. Hackers use brute-force […]

Small website update

Hey everyone, Today we have made several minor improvements to the website. What has been changed? Data is now displayed in the correct country format. The last 5 downloads are now displayed instead of the last 3 downloads. The missing favicon icon was added Missing graphics in the area MarvinKleinMusic Favourites have been added. A […]

Important information about Sownloader

Hey everyone, today I want to share some important information about the Sownloader service with all of you. According to a bug on the official Smule website, Sownloader is no longer able to find any performance URLs. Right now their page is not compatible with any version of the Internet Explorer. All versions of Sownloader […]