Frequently Asked Questions

Sownloader (7)

This are the most often asked questions related to Sownloader.

Which apps does Sownloader support?
How do I convert my song?
Where can I find MarvinKleinMusic favourites?
Is Sownloader for free?
I found a bug / I have technical difficulties!
Sownloader can't find a Performance-Url, what can I do?
How can I support Sownloader?

Sownloader Web (7)

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Which websites does Sownloader Web support?
Is there a download limit per day?
Can I also convert my own Recordings with Sownloader Web?
How can I save my file with a different filename?
Which data does the server save, when I use Sownloader web?
Sownloader Web does not find a download URL
Download errors on mobile devices