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from Smule for free!


Sownloader is super easy to use! It is important to us that everyone gets along with the software.


Thanks to the integrated converter, you can save all your songs directly as MP3 files.


Besides the audio file, Sownloader also directly downloads the cover-art of the song and adds it to your songs.


Download many songs simply and uncomplicatedly. We limit absolutely nothing, because limitations would only be in the way.

Why should I download my recordings?

Many people do not realize that recordings of Smule are automatically deleted after one year if the user does not have a VIP account. But of course you still want to listen to your best recordings after one year. That's where Sownloader is involved. You can also use your recordings creatively and include them in your own videos or share them with friends and family.

So there are many reasons for saving your recordings. The most important reason, however, is that Smule can stop apps at any time. For example, it happened in the past with Glee Karaoke (the predecessor of Sing! Karaoke). All recordings from this app (except the best ones) have been lost.

Sownloader also allows you to quickly and easily back up additional information about the recordings. For example, the cover art is automatically downloaded for each recording of Smule. You can also add information about the song, artist and app to each song. This is especially useful if you want to import your songs to your Apple device using iTunes, as this data is interpreted and displayed in the music app.


Optimized for Smule

Full support for recordings from Sing! Karaoke, Magic Piano, Autorap and Guitar!

File formats

Save your songs both as M4A and MP3 files. Video recordings are also no problem for Sownloader.


The built-in Favorites show you the best recordings by the community, collected by us.


Recordings can be converted during the download or afterwards.


Download an unlimited number of recordings at once. There are no limits!


Set metadata for audio files. These are displayed in iTunes (Album, Artist).


The DarkTheme introduced in Sownloader 8 is beautiful to look at both day and night.

Free support

In case of problems we are at your disposal around the clock. Just send us an e-mail and describe your problem.

Free updates

Sownloader is free, and it will stay that way. All future versions will be provided free of charge.

Sownloader Tutorial

See for yourself how easy it is to download and convert your recordings with Sownloader. All you have to do is click a button and select the downloader where you want to save your performance.

Download the latest version of Sownloader for free

Sownloader requires Windows 7 or later with installed .NET 6 and WebView2 runtime

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